Welcome to our September newsletter. We are now into our 3rd month of lockdown and what can we say – it’s tough! Please hang in there, get vaccinated, get tested if you have symptoms, and adhere to social …

YFD August Newsletter

Welcome to our August newsletter. We hope you are all staying well and safe out there during our second month of lockdown. In this month’s newsletter we will be giving you some tips on how to look after your physical …

YFD July Newsletter

Welcome to our July newsletter. We hope you are all staying well and safe out there during yet another COVID-19 lockdown. We know how tough this is for everyone and we hope that if we stick with the latest stay …

YFD June Newsletter

Welcome to our YFD June Newsletter. As we enter winter, the mornings are getting crisp, and the night air is getting cooler which means we are starting to see many more coughs and colds. Winter is a very busy time …

YFD May Newsletter

Welcome to our May Newsletter. It feels like last week we were putting together our April newsletter and there is so much to update you on already!  In this month’s newsletter we will be updating you on how things are …

YFD April Newsletter


Welcome to our April YFD Newsletter. At Your Family Doctors we acknowledge the last 12 months have been very difficult for everyone and with so many changes it is hard to keep up to date with what is happening …

Winter Newsletter 2018

Staff news!

The YFD babies are here! Dr Alison and Dr Vanessa each had a beautiful baby boy!

Dr Vanessa gave birth to Alexander on 28/6/2018, he weighed 3330g. He is thriving and Vanessa and her husband are loving every …

Autumn 2018 newsletter

It has been a very busy year since we last produced a newsletter, so we thought it was time to update you with what we have been up to!

We have been joined by some amazing doctors, most recently Dr …

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