Christmas time is here and 2023 is quickly coming to an end. It’s been another busy year at YFD as we continue to care for our wonderful community. It really is a privilege looking after the medical needs of our patients and we thank you for choosing us to be your partners in health.

In this month’s newsletter we will be updating you on the Christmas Opening Hours, My Medicare, being breast aware, menopause and we announce our employee of the year!


Your Family Doctors will be open during the Christmas and New Year periods except for the public holidays. Please see our opening hours as listed below. A friendly reminder to check your scripts in advance and don’t leave them until the last minute as some of our doctors will be on leave.

Need a GP after hours during the Christmas period? Bridges GP after hours clinic at Erina and Kanwal will remain open. A copy of your consultation notes and any test results will be sent to your local GP as we know continuity of care is so important.

For more information on how this service is operating during the Christmas and holiday period go to  https://ccpc.com.au/after-hours-gp-clinics/

In the event of an emergency please go to Gosford or Wyong hospital or call 000.


Your Family Doctors at Erina has joined thousands of healthcare providers across Australia in registering in MyMedicare, a new voluntary registration system that will help us formalise the relationship between us and our patients.

If you hold a valid Medicare or Department of Veterans’ Affairs Veteran card and have been to see us in person twice over the last 24 months, you’re now eligible to register in MyMedicare.

By registering in MyMedicare you can access longer funded telehealth consultations with our practice.

For more information, chat to us at your next appointment, read our blog or visit health.gov.au/MyMedicare.



Shingles (also called herpes zoster) is the disease caused when the chickenpox virus reactivates. Shingles can cause severe pain that can last for months. Vaccination is a safe and effective way to protect yourself from serious disease caused by shingles.

Government funded ‘Shingrix’ replaced Zostavax on the National Immunisation Program on 1st November 2023.

The vaccine comprises of a two-dose schedule given 2 to 6 months apart or 1 -2 months apart in people immunocompromised.

Those eligible for a funded Shingrix vaccine include;

  • Those over 65 year
  • Aboriginal an Torress Strait Islanders from 50 years
  • High risk immunocompromised (4 conditions only initially) from 18 y ears
    • Haematological stem call transplant
    • Haematological malignanc
    • Solid organ transplant
    • HIV – advanced or untreated.
  • Funded Shingrix will not be available for those who have had a funded Zostavax in the past 5 years.
  • Shingrix can be given to patients who have previously had shingles. A 12 month interval is recommended.

Medical practices are only receiving between 15 – 30 vaccines per month with supply restrictions expected to ease in 2024. For this reason, practices are advised to prioritise their highest risk patients for vaccination.

For more information …. https://www.health.gov.au/topics/immunisation/vaccines/shingles-herpes-zoster-immunisation-service

BREAST CANCER AWARENESS – When was your last mammogram?

BreastScreen offers free screening to women 40 plus, targeting women 50-74 years old where screening is found to be most effective.

Breast cancer is common and it’s incidence is increasing – with 1 in 7 Australian women and about 1 in 600 Australian men expected to be diagnosed in their lifetime.

Early detection is what saves life which is why so why checking our breasts and having mammograms is so important

Dr Georgia and Dr Sam had the privilege of talking at two ‘Pink’ High Teas around the Central Coast last month to help raised funds for Women’s Cancer.   October was breast cancer awareness month and Georgia and Sam reminded the audience of the importance of self breast checks, mammograms and checking your lady bits regularly! It’s such an honour to be invited to contribute to these amazing community events,  and we thank the incredible women who organize them.

If you would like to read more about Women’s Cancer and checking your ‘ladybits’ please read our blog…. https://yourfamilydoctors.com.au/womens-cancer-lets-talk-lady-bits/

MOVEMBER – Coast to Canberra

Introducing local legends Shane, Tom, James and Paqui who will be riding 460km in 3 days in December to create awareness for men’s mental health. The crew are aiming to raise over $4600 for Movember.

You can help these mates make a difference for this important cause by sponsoring them via this link ….  movember coast to canberra


The term ‘menopause’ refers to the final menstrual period. When a woman has had no periods for 12 consecutive months she is considered to be postmenopausal. In Australia, the average age of menopause is 51 years, but it’s normal to have menopause anywhere between 45 and 55 years – although some women have it at an earlier or later age. Perimenopause is the time leading up to menopause.

Many women experience symptoms before reaching menopause. Everyone is different and symptoms can vary depending on your health, lifestyle, cultural background and family history. Common symptoms include:

  • hot flushes and night sweats
  • mood changes
  • forgetfulness
  • headaches
  • sore breasts
  • aches and pains
  • dry vagina
  • reduced sex drive
  • itchy skin
  • weight gain

You should have a chat to your doctor if:

  • you are worried about your periods
  • your symptoms stop you from doing things you normally do.
  • your symptoms affect your eating, sleeping and enjoyment of activities.

For more information ……





This year, to acknowledge and reward our amazing team and the hard work they do, we commenced our ‘Employee of the Month Award’. Team members nominate one of their colleagues and the staff member who gets the most vote wins pole position in our car park for that month! Winners so far have included…….

  • July – Nurse Steph
  • August – Receptionist Deb
  • September – Care Coordinator and MPA (Medical Practice Assistant) Kiara
  • October – Receptionist Elise
  • November – Dr Sam

Our employee of the year goes to ……………………. (drumroll) ……Elise! Congratulations Elise!

Elise receiving her Employee of the Year Award from Santa



Congratulations Coasties and team YFD for stepping away for the month of September for #MoveAgainstCancer2023

For those that love stats……

  • Over 137.5 million steps by all participants
  • Over 7.8 million steps by team YFD
  • Team YFD finished in 4th place
  • The event has raised almost $15,000 so far for the Cancer Council.

Team YFD had so much fun in the process – exploring the beautiful sites of the Central Coast and beyond with family and friends. Our canine friends were also very satisfied with the event and can’t wait until next September!


In February we will be saying farewell to our much-loved GP Dr Nicholas Young as he moves back to the big smoke. We have loved having Dr Nick work with us over the last few years and we will miss him as much as his patients will.  Don’t worry – we are working on enticing him to come back to the Central Coast in the years to come! In the meantime, we will be welcoming GP Registrar Dr Michael Little, who will be commencing at YFD in February.



So that’s it for our Christmas Newsletter. We hope you have an enjoyable Christmas and we wish you and your family a happy new year.  Don’t forget to like us on facebook or instagram to keep up to date with the health information and to see what the YFD team has been up to. Our website is also a great source of information, so please check out our blog for health information written by our team. Stay well.

Love Team YFD xx


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