Winter Newsletter 2018

Staff news!

The YFD babies are here! Dr Alison and Dr Vanessa each had a beautiful baby boy!

Dr Vanessa gave birth to Alexander on 28/6/2018, he weighed 3330g. He is thriving and Vanessa and her husband are loving every moment with him!

Dr Alison gave birth, soon afterwards, on 10/7/2018 to Thomas George, and he weighed 3880g. Alison and her husband are over the moon.

We love babies! And are so excited to welcome two at once, and we’re sure you join us in sending lots of love to both families!

We have a new face behind the reception desk. We are honoured to have Deb Cook join us from another local surgery. A wonderfully experienced team member, she is ready to make your experience with Your Family Doctors the best it can be.

Most of you will have met Kirstie, she came to us as a trainee – months ago and started her 2 year training with us. She has done so well she has passed everything in record time, she has been nominated for the Central Coast Group Training Awards for Excellence in training, and we have been nominated for Small Host Employer of the Year award due to our  wonderful admin team and the great job they have done training and supporting her!

Accreditation Celebration!

We are thrilled that we have maintained our status as a fully accredited surgery. This is a voluntary process we go through every three years , which allows us to make sure our systems and processes are the best they can be for your clinical care and safety. It is a huge undertaking for the whole team, with many of us being interviewed through the course of the day. We were thrilled we passed with flying colours and received so much positive feedback! We are so grateful for everyone’s hardwork and proud of our achievement.

New online booking system – Hot Doc 

This month transferred our online booking system to HotDoc. They will be managing our online booking system and reminder texts, and more. Although we have had no concerns with the privacy of the previous booking system, HotDoc take the safety of your data very seriously and we are excited by the possibilities they offer to help us improve our service to you. Make sure we have your correct mobile number, and download their app today!.

We have also installed a new, touchscreen check in service. This is not to replace our wonderful reception staff, but to help out when reception is busy, or on the days you fancy just coming in and sitting down!

In The News – My Health Record

My Health Record has been around for some time. It’s purpose is to allow health providers access to a centralised medical record, which is accurate and up to date, with input from everyone on your healthcare team. The aim of this is to improve communication, quality of care, efficiency and safety. Uptake to this has been slow, so the government have decided to make it an ‘opt in’ system.

There is some concern, in the media, about the safety of the data and the ability for it to be misused. The implications of this are, so far, unclear. We urge every one of our patients to research and reflect on what is best for you and your dependants.

In healthcare, trust is at the heart of our relationship with you, and encouraging informed consent is hugely important to us.

We do not intend to influence you one way or the other, merely inform you this is happening. If you are keen to have a MHR, you need to do nothing more, one will be set up for you automatically by the end of the year. You can access it at If you would like to discuss what will be uploaded, please book an appointment with your usual doctor.

If you do not want a MHR, or wish to wait and think a little longer, you have until 16/10/18 to opt out, before an account is made for you. Simply visit and follow the prompts.

If you have a my Health Record that you would like cancelling, you will need to phone the help line, 1800 723 471

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