Not only do we have Covid Vaccines arriving in April but we have 2021 influenza vaccinations available also. It is recommended that everyone six months and older get immunised against the flu.

* Please note the influenza vaccine must be given at least 2 weeks apart from your COVID-19 vaccine.

We will have both government funded and private flu vaccinations at our practice. 

Just a reminder that government funded flu vaccines are available for;

  •  the over 65’s
  •  children aged 6 months to 5 years,
  •  pregnant women
  •  those with chronic health conditions
  •  all Aboriginal and Torres straight islanders over 6 months.

Please note the enhanced quadrivalent vaccine FLUAD QUAD is specifically designed for patients over the age of 65. It has been specifically formulated to create a greater immune response amongst the elderly and are only available through your GP clinic.

Private flu vaccinations are available for $20.

Flu clinic bookings will be available online and will be dependent on supplies  (which can come in dribs and drabs!)

We will keep you posted on our website, Facebook and in our next newsletter on how the flu vaccine rollout is travelling.

If you have more questions about the flu vaccine please discuss with your doctor or follow this link on frequently asked questions.  …

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