Have you used electronic prescriptions yet? Escripts are easy to use and reduce the chances of you misplacing your scripts (unless you loose your phone!). Your doctor sends you a QR barcode via sms or email, instead of printing out your scripts. This is particularly handy for Telehealth appointments and when you are travelling!

This is how it works…..

  1. During your consultation your doctor will send you an sms or email you your script. It will appear as a QR barcode called a ‘token’. You will get a separate token for each medication prescribed.
  2. Take the token (on your smart phone) to your pharmacist for them to scan. You may also be able to email it to your pharmacist also.
  3. If your scripts has repeats a new sms or email we be sent to you when you get your medicine.

For more information check out the following link …..


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