Women’s Cancer – Let’s talk lady bits


We all know someone that has been affected by Breast and Gynaecological cancers. In Australia approximately 20,000 women will be diagnosed this year – that’s over 50 women every day! Although breast cancer is very common, with modern medical …

by Dr Georgia Page

Let’s Talk About Endometriosis

woman in white top laying on flowers


I am writing this article during March, which is Endometriosis awareness month. It has been a positive campaign, with Bindi Irwin and others coming together to talk about their symptoms and often,sadly, how long it took them to get …

by Dr Samantha Pethen

Pre-Pregnancy Planning


Are you thinking of starting a family or perhaps you are ready to try again? Pregnancies are not always planned but when it comes to healthier outcomes it is best to think ahead. There are a lot of things …

by Dr Georgia Page

Breastfeeding, Nutrition and Looking After Yourself


Often breastfeeding Mums neglect their own nutrition through lack of ‘time’ to care for themselves whilst looking after their newborn and other family members. This is often to the detriment of their own health and a few simple principles …

by Dr Natalie Cordiwiner


The Three Stages of that ”Stage of Life”

The word Menopause is actually defined as “the final menstrual period”. In Australia, the average age of natural menopause is 50 years. The Peri-menopause is the time leading up to this. In …

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