”Can You Please Bulk Bill Me?”

We are a privately billing practice, but we are often asked to bulk bill.

Often, we will try to comply, we are human and we do care, but it places incredible strain on the surgery.

When doctors bulkbill, patients often believe the practice will receive the same amount of money for the service, just from a different source. This, unfortunately, is not the case. When a patient is bulkbilled, the practice ONLY receives the current Medicare rebate for that contact. This means the practice is receiving $30-$40 less than is should be, and we cannot remain viable if we continue to do this.

We choose to book appointments at 15 minute intervals. We feel this gives a good opportunity to provide good care, often covering much more than the issue that brought you to us that day, allowing us to maintain a close relationship with you and your family. This is a very different model of general practice to the bulk billing medical centres, which depend on quicker appointments and higher throughput to survive.

The government have frozen their contribution to your health care for some years. They are now choosing to slash the bulk-billing incentive we have been paid for some groups. Unfortunately, the cost of running a GP Practice continues to climb.

So, to continue to provide the thorough, personal, holistic care we pride ourselves on, we do, have to be a largely privately billing practice, even if you have previously been bulkbilled.

We do appreciate you taking the time to read this, and your ongoing support.

Write to your local member if you disagree with what the government are going.

Please speak to our practice manager if you have any questions regarding any of this.

Thank You

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